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NYC Dance Lessons for Salsa, Swing, Tango and Ballroom at Dance Manhattan

 Dance Classes & Lessons in NYC - Getting Started at Dance Manhattan

How do I get started social dancing?
A great introduction to dancing are our FREE Monthly Guest Nights. These evenings offer an intro dance class, social dancing and a performance showcase! They are a great way to get acquainted with social dancing and could help you determine which dance you'd like to try. And you'll make some new friends in the process! Guest Nights are held on the last Friday of each 4-week series of classes - the final Complimentary Guest Night in 2012 will be held on Friday, Nov 16th.

Once you are ready to dance, there are many ways to get started -- private lessons, group classes, intro packages or, by what we call, a crash courses.

Weekly practice sessions are also held. Studio space is made available for students to practice their new skills with other students and outside dancers. There are practice sessions for each dance style, like the tango salon or swing practice.

To see the schedule of monthly classes or events offered at Dance Manhattan, click the one of the Class Schedule links on the left. To see the schedule for events like the tango salon, crash courses, practice sessions, or Friday night dances click the Event Calender on the left.


How do I register for a class?
Registration is a simple process and takes just a few minutes to complete. Either come by the front desk at Dance Manhattan where you can view class schedules, or check out the class schedules online then give us a call at 212-807-0802. We can take your registration over the phone with MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

What is a lesson at Dance Manhattan like?
Four week classes offered at Dance Manhattan run for 55 minutes and occur in the evening and on Saturdays, as you'll see by browsing the Class Schedule page. Salons, workshops and crash courses all vary in times, click on the UPCOMING EVENTS link at left for the specific event you are interested in.


What class should I take?
Picking classes is easy, after you've decided on a style to study.  You can stop by our next Guest Night (Nov 16) and watch our performance showcase at 10pm to see the dance styles we offer.  If you can't stop by then, call our administrators at 212-807-0802 and they'll ask you about your likes and dislikes to help you choose.

Once you've decided on your dance, picking your class is easy! Simply browse through the GROUP class schedule to find the dances/topics that interest you. Classes are almost exclusively level based, so, a basic class in any style, no matter what the specific topic, is for beginners. That means simply, no experience with the dance is necessary. After you've found the class you are interested in, just jump in and take it.


Should I register with a partner?
Bringing a partner is not required. All classes, except those specifically denoted in the class description as "Couples Only" will rotate partners.

What level should I enroll in?
There are a few different ways to choose what level you should take. If you have danced before, the Dance Analysis Package will help you determine which level class would be appropriate. Or you may audit the last 15 minutes of a class to see if you fit in. Otherwise, you may inquire with our administrators as to which level may be best suited. If you do sign up for a class and it is not the appropriate level, simply talk to the instructor and ask them to advise you on the level that would be better for you.

If you are an experienced dancer but have not yet taken classes at Dance Manhattan, perhaps a refresher course, at a level which you are most comfortable, will help you define which classes would offer you the most for your time.


How long will it take to learn one of these styles?
Each person has their own learning curve. We recommend you feel very comfortable at one level before proceeding to a higher level. Ask your teacher if they think it's time for you to move up a level. Obviously, your success will depend greatly on your dedication to the style. The more you practice what you learn, the faster you will become comfortable with your style.


What do I do if I have never danced before?
Easy, determine the dance style you prefer and choose the Basic class which suits your schedule!  Now, let's get started!

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NYC Dance Lessons for Salsa, Swing, Tango and Ballroom at Dance Manhattan