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Web Marketing Ideas You Can USE... For Your Long Island Business
Your Website Marketing Newsletter for January & February 2014

In this issue...

When should I consider SEO work?  •  Adding a Website Landing Page  • 
  Special until March 1st!  Free Domain name plus 20% Off New Landing Page

SEO for Long Island Business Owners Search Engine Optimization- in NY

>> When Should a Business Owner Consider More SEO?
      Part 1 of a new 3-part Series

Our clients enjoy a long stretch of excellent search results after their initial website development, because we include all basic SEO prep, an go on to individual page optimization, as well. 

At, we include tremendous SEO with every website as a hallmark of "what we do"-- the excellent results-for-the-dollar our clients experience are a source of pride to us, And your great results turn into word of mouth referrals for our services to your contacts. Thank you!

Two questions arise:

Are there times when additional SEO work is can benefit you? Yes!

Will SEO bring more new customers to you, resulting in more sales?  It will!

Here is the first in our series of 3 circumstances when you should consider additional website SEO work, as a sensible marketing expense which more than pays for itself:

1. You bring on a new service or a new product

When you add a new product or service without keeping up of your website's Search Engine Optimization, potential customers search for the new product/service on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, but they find other websites who have fully submitted the new product terms--and your website will be overlooked.

The websites provided are usually the websites of your competitors.

For example, if you own a men's clothing store and now carry specialty copper-enhanced men's socks, but your website is only optimized for your current silver-enhanced mens socks, then it is very unlikely that when potential customers search Google that your website will pop up among their Google results.  Your immediate online exposure for your excellent new product will remain close to zero until you remedy your SEO for "Mens Socks with Copper". 

 Here is the good news: It doesn't take much SEO work to improve your prominence in search results.  But it must be done before you can capitalize on the potential customers searching Google for "buy mens copper socks", etc.

The same principle will work for you when you bring your new service to the market with complete SEO, especially when adding a landing page dedicated to e.g.,  "Buy Mens Copper Socks".

Help new customers find your new products and services now!

Ask us about additional SEO: Call 877-MY-SITE-Now  or email

Next in our 3-Part Series: " Implementing SEO When Your Website Doesn't Appear in Local Google Searches" 

Website Services for Long Island Business Owners Search Engine Optimization- Landing Pages by in NY 
 What are Landing Pages?  Will they work for my business?

Landing pages are one of the most effective - yet under utilized - tools a business owner can use to capture new customers from the internet. 

Definition: a landing page is one page of your website that:

     a. is dedicated to one product or service you provide
     b. is the first page your potential customer sees when they click on a link (rather than landing on your Home page)
     c. prompts them and allows them to buy the specific product/service now...or to take action, like to sign up for your newsletter or download a PDF, etc. 

How do landing pages help my business?

Google, Bing, and Yahoo will provide your landing page in the search results for potential customers IF you provide the needed SEO.  The probability of a new customer contacting you is greatly increased for a specific product or service you offer when you create & optimize landing pages for your website.

Secondly, the direct link to your specific landing page should be provided directly to potential customers. Include the link in promotional emails that mention your product/service, in email correspondence to potential customers, in blogs, in social media posts...and in any articles you write and disseminate on that topic.   

For example, provide a link to your dedicated landing page "photo organizing services in (your geographic area) in your monthly newsletter, in Facebook posts, in tweets, on your blog, and in your email correspondence for a month or so.  Then emphasize a different service next month, with its own landing page.
Directing potential customers to your unique landing page and including a call to action always increases results.

     •  Text or Call 516-297-8200 or 877-MY-SITE-Now  •  •

Website Services for Long Island Business Owners Search Engine Optimization- in NY

>> 2014 Special Free Domain Name plus save 20% on new Landing Pages for your Products/Services!

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Optimized Landing Pages: Normally our concierge page building services bill at a flat rate of $50.00 per new page created, with optimization services added on at a rate of $100 / hour.  Average SEO time per page is 20 - 30 minutes.

Until March 1st, a flat rate $80.00 per landing page, including optimization for a new product or service, will be available to clients!  We will also include a free additional domain name for your landing page to drive traffic to you even faster.

We can guide you through how to do the work yourself, at no charge. (This is always an option available to you with our complete care package.)  However, to save your valuable time, let us affordably add your newest service, hot product, and/or message to your website presence--optimized so that Google and the other search engines can easily find your page and serve it to your customers!!!

Will a new landing page help your business?

Text or call us to find out: 516-297-8200 or 877-MY-SITE-Now  •

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