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NYC Dance Lessons for Salsa, Swing, Tango and Ballroom at Dance Manhattan

 Wedding Planner - First Dance Lessons for NYC

The First Dance

"He converted into a swing dancer just for me. It was the best wedding gift he could have given me... I can't thank you enough for everything you
did to make our wedding so special. Our first dance was my absolute favorite part of the whole evening!"
     --Lenore Welby and Lawrence Ward  First Dance choreographed by Elena Iannucci

"We had worked directly with Evita and Nathan in private lessons to help come up with a dance sequence. I can not say enough about either of them and how wonderful they are...Evita and Nathan are a huge part of why Meredith and I continue to come back (Dance Manhattan’s a large part as well), braving traffic, and drive down from Westchester County once a week to keep up the classes."
Jason & Meredith Black, First Dance Video: choreographed by Evita Arce & Nathan Bugh

"Thank you so much to our instructor, Jason Myra, and the wonderful dancers from our Dance Manhattan performance class who generously offered this gift of a performance at our wedding." 
     --Mitchell & Tanya, First Dance Video: choreographed by Jason Myra

Wedding First Dance Lessons in NYC & New Jersey-Wedding Couple Dance Classes & Lessons NYC

Plan Ahead

It's best to prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gowns, catering, flowers and music. Start planning at least 6 months prior to your wedding date so that you can choose your special song, the type of dance you want to do, and take lessons before "wedding frenzy" sets in! But...if you find yourself in a last minute crunch...we're at your service!

Private lessons are best as you will be able to dance exclusively with your fiancée and work on choreography for your first song. If you would also like the classroom experience where you can meet other couples and learn the basics of a number of different dances, our COUPLES DANCE SAMPLER group classes are for you! Wedding couples often take a combination of both, but the choice is yours!

Tailor your lessons to your needs and schedule!  Private lessons can be purchased singly ($85 or $90 per lesson), in discounted packages of 5, 10 or 20, or in combination with group classes.

Wedding Couple First Dance Lessons in NYC & New JerseyChoose Your Music

If an orchestra will be playing your first song, we'll help you choose a recorded version to use during lessons and for practicing at home. Or, bring us a recording you like and we'll help you determine if it's "dance-able" and which dance best fits the music (i.e. Foxtrot? Waltz? Swing?)

Expert Advice
We'll help you decide if a choreographed (planned) routine is best for you, or random patterns you choose during your lessons to be done spontaneously during your first dance.

Choosing shoes suitable for dancing is important if you want to move gracefully, so don't hesitate to discuss these matters with your instructor.

Your instructor will be happy to make suggestions regarding the music for your first dance, the music itinerary for your whole event, or even how to select the right orchestra or DeeJay for your wedding.

Wedding Entertainment

Instruction : Inquire at the studio via phone or at the front desk about having our qualified instructors come out and teach lessons at your wedding. Often times, the people you invite may need a little ice breaker lesson to get them away from the tables and out on the floor.

Performances : We'd be happy to send out a group of instructors to perform at your wedding also. It's a perfect form of entertainment for your guests.

Call our Wedding Specialist at 212-807-0802 to discuss your wedding plans.

NYC Dance Lessons for Salsa, Swing, Tango and Ballroom at Dance Manhattan