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As a medical practice consulting firm for nutraceuticals, we specialize in generating revenue within your practice as
custom nutraceuticals & in-house clinical weight loss are recommended to patients. 

We tailor your programs to satisfy your patients' demands for wellness solutions
while additional recurring revenue grows steadily for your practice.

nutraCeuticals Long Island NY - Custom nutraMetrix ® Wellness Programs for Health Professionals in NY

A nutraMetrix® certified consultant is assigned to your practice to ensure your programs implement successfully - you achieve your practice goals.

Develop unprecendented ancillary income for your practice through cash based patient wellness solutions: custom isotonic nutrition, a low-glycemic weight management program, genetic analysis and advanced nutraceuticals.

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Thousands of licensed health professionals throughout the U.S are  implementing nutraMetrix® custom wellness solutions in their practices.


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Dr. William F. Flader, M.D   •   Dr. Michael Chesner, M.D

It's simple to register as a nutraMetrix® Health Professional.

1.  Select elements for your custom program from our comprehensive revenue generating modules according to your goals for your practice.

2. Together with your on site consultant, design a custom program which satisfies your patients' interests in wellness services & nutraceuticals, while providing significant ancillary income to your practice. 

  • nutraMetrix® custom formula isotonic-capable nutraceuticals & supplements
  • nutraMetrix® TLS Weight Loss Solutions™ : effective glycemic index weight management
  • Gene SNP - DNA: non-invasive targeted genetic analysis (Avail. in NJ, CT,PA, FL & MA)
  • nEI - Our Educational Institute providing AMA Class I CMEs & Allied CEU accreditation
  • Immediately, your E-commerce website for wellness info and patient orders goes live. 

3. Our corporate certified nutraceutical consultants ( "NCs" - trained and certified consultants ) provide personal service directly in your office in person, via the internet, and by phone.  Your consultant will provide training for you & your staff and look out for your interests, ensuring that your nutraMetrix® programs facilitate significant results for your patients and financial viability for your practice.  


All the essentials for successful office implementation are provided:  a customized office website with E-commerce for refilling recommended nutraceuticals & educating your patients on wellness, optional online wellness database, CME/CEU accredited education, in-office wellness program supervision and our unprecedented recurrent royalty income. 

Every aspect of nutraMetrix® has been designed and field tested for you - the health professional.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Henri Rosenblum, D.C.
Dr. Michael Chesner, M.D.
Dr. Sarita K. Dorschug, D.O.
Anna Tortorici, CPT
Breindl Rothman, R.D 
Tina Rendini, R.N.
Dr. Jay Rothstein, D.C.

 Dr. Richard Taubman, M.D, OB Gyn 
Anne Marmorale, R.N .
Dr. Martin Marmorale, D.C.
Fit for Life Physical Therapy 
Dr. Dana Walters, D.C.
Dr. Vito Rizzo, D.P.M. 
Richard Briglio, PhD 



Martha Pilchman, M.D.
Deidre Postupack, P.T. 
Dr. William Flader, M.D. 
Elyse Flader, R.N.
Kim Leidner, MSRD, CDE, CDN

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