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Responsive Web Site Marketing Ideas YOU Can Use for Your Long Island Business
Your Long Island Internet Marketing Newsletter June

In this issue...

The Power of Email Marketing  |  SEO: Easy Basics  |  July Sale! Save on New Landing Page thru August 1st

Email Marketing for Long Island Business Owners - in NY

>> The Power of Email Marketing for Your Business

Published last May, statistics from "Exact Target" reinforce the power of email marketing for your business.  The Exact target study found that 66 percent of respondents have made a purchase as a result of receiving a marketing message via email.

Statistically, that ranks as the top marketing channel over all others, from social media to direct mail!

Respondents also said that email is their first choice when it comes to learning about business to business deals from familiar vendors. 

Remember that you have email marketing tools that are fully included with your account.  We offer this so that you can interact and foster loyalty with your clients and customers...all at no additional cost.  It's a valuable opportunity no business should overlook.

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SEO for Long Island Business Owners Search Engine Optimization- in NY

>> Search Engine Optimization--Your Easy Basics

Search engine optimization ranks as the #1 hot topic among our business owner clients. With good reason: it's an important way to attract more business by boosting visibility. But SEO can take some getting used to, so to help you appreciate the value in your website's site promotion features and add-on SEO services, check out these Easy SEO Basics.

THIS JUST IN!  Google has announced it will begin PENALIZING WEBSITE RANK FOR NON-MOBILE-FRIENDLY PROGRAMMING .   > read more here

 ...And MORE about SEO for Long Island Business

Relevance. Content that departs too far from your message also distances the search engines. All your content should come back to your services, your business and your industry. 

Measurement. The statistics package included with your website is a toolset to help you maximize your SEO results. Call us to discuss how your statistics can guide your online strategy.

Quality content.  Included with your website solution are many valuable features that boost your SEO.  High-quality content incudes embedded video, online portfolios and social media widgets. Why? Because links to your site are crucial. And if you want people to share links to your site, the content has to be good! 

Customer Search Terms. Walk a mile in your customer's shoes:  What terms would they use to find your business? The terms can be embedded instantly to assist the search engines to connect them to you.

Brand names and qualifiers.  Very helpful descriptive terms like brand names, geographical locations and specialty niches (and take into account any variations that people use (such as abbreviations)) help you "get found".  Words that highlight expertise are qualifiers. A doctor, for instance, would use a qualifier to describe the practice specialty. A hairstylist expert in color services ought to list the term "colorist."  A photographer who specializes in beautiful horse photographs should include the SEO term "fine art horse photographer." 

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Website Services for Long Island Business Owners Search Engine Optimization- in NY

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Receive 30% off on select services until the end of July -- Optimized Landing Pages!

Optimized Pages: Normally our concierge page building services bill at a flat rate of $50.00 per new page added-PLUS_ optimizations services added on at a rate of $100 / hour.  Average time per page 1 hour plus added SEO implementation time.

A flat rate $75.00 per landing page, optimized, will be available to our clients!

To save your valuable time, let us affordably add the newest services, products, and/or message from your business--optimized so that Google and the other search engines can easily find your page !!!

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