Your Business Website: Long Island & Metro New York

Why You Should Put Some Attention on SEO

Feedback from our clients tells us that more than ever, it is critical that your web site show up on Page 1 of the Google listings, where potential customers are looking for you.

My favorite analogy demonstrates this:

Let's say your business is lawn care on Long Island.

Imagine the web as a series of file cabinets, and your potential customers ask Google ( the file clerk )  for any files having to do with "Lawn Care on Long Island".

Your website pages are like single file folders, all arranged in this filing cabinet. 

If the file cabinet drawer has a blank label on the front of the drawer, not filled out, then Google could not see at once if there were pages filed in that drawer about "Lawn Care on Long Island." So Google would not take your pages about "Lawn Care on Long Island" and present them to your potential customer. Google would skip that drawer and look for a properly labeled drawer with promising content.

Now imagine that somehow Google stumbled upon your file cabinet, and opened your drawer, but Google found that the tabs on all the file folder tabs  were blank - they are blank! The tabs should have been labeled "Lawn Care in Long Island", but no one did it.

Google could not know from looking at the blank tabs on a folder that it contained valuable information for your customer about "Long Island Lawn Care." So it moved on, looking for labeled tabs having to do with lawn care.

Lastly, imagine if your competitor DID HAVE a clearly labeled file cabinet for Google with appropriate business search terms; and each hanging folder was also well labeled, and each individual manila folder was also well labeled with specific business search terms...

Well then unfortunately, Google would prefer to choose your competitor's well-labeled file cabinet to your unlabeled one, and Google would quickly hand over your competitor's web pages to the customer. Naturally.

Call or email us for SEO ideas and services.

For business website Search Engine Optimization on Long Island and NY Metro, we can meet, shake hands,  discuss your SEO needs and build a strong relationship for the years to come.

Our team will be happy to serve as your web presence advisors for your ongoing online success - this is what New York business solidarity is built upon.

Many of our clients vouch for our superior customer service and superior SEO, in some cases almost a decade of continuous client satisfaction.

We can advise you how to program your own SEO, or provide concierge service - you choose.

Contact us to find out more about SEO you can edit yourself.

Save money for other aspects of your business, while operating complete website marketing functions.  Unlimited consulting includes: email marketing, search engine optimization, ecommerce, social media integration (Facebook, Google Places, Twitter, Blogs) and so many more tools - all included.

Don't rely on someone else to manage your online identity.

Take control of your web site with GreatWebsitesNow.com as your website guide and provider. 

Call 877-MY-SITE-NOW or email us: info@greatwebsitesnow.com .

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These Services Set us Apart
from typical web developers

  • Edit website on the go - Point & Click
  • User-friendly Web site editing tools
  • Integrated map and driving directions
  • Free search engine submissions
  • Contact Management Application
  • Social Media & Video Integration
  • Built-in file cabinet
  • WYSIWYG Web site editing tools
  • Complete E-COMMERCE Platform
  • Live toll-free technical support
  • Live chat support
  • Online user guides
  • Ulimited, free Customer Care
  • 100 email aliases
  • Email hostnames
  • SSL encryption
  • 50 Gigabytes flexible storage
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