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relocation organizing
From the studio apartment to the 30,000 square foot home, Ready to Organize has over 10 years experience assisting individuals and families with their move-related needs.  We also specialize in working with those moving into Assisted Living Communities. 
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home & office organizing 
Are you feeling overwhelmed with clutter? Are your clothes closets so full you can’t get another hanger on the bar?  Does your kitchen look more like the playroom than a kitchen?  How about the office?  Are the papers and magazines stacked so high you use them as a coffee table?  Then Ready to Organize is your answer. 
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home staging organizing

Are you getting ready to put your home on the market?   In this ever growing buyers market your home needs to stand out above the competition.   Any realtor will tell you that your home must be clean and virtually spotless in order to show a perspective buyer the true potential of the house.  They will also tell you it NEEDS to be organized and clutter free so the buyer can see the amount of space the home really has to offer.  We will work with you and your realtor, home staging professional or interior designer to get your closets and living space ready to sell.

Professional Organizing Service in NY.  Living Space Organizing in NY for Busy People who want the efficiency & peace of mind of being organized.
Click Blond Profile Logo for Pro Organizing Services in NYC & Hamptons NY  by Camie Swinson: Ready 2 Organize.  Camie Swinson Organized Living Spaces in Manhattan for Busy People needing all aspects of organizing from NYC to the Hamptons.
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