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Community Singing in Oceanside Long Island NY

Enjoy our seasonal concerts with your family from the audience...or join your voice with ours on the stage with the Oceanside Chorale!


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he Oceanside Chorale, Oceanside NY

We invite you to join us at our next concert.
Location: the Fulton Ave School in Oceanside NY.

The Water is Wide

THE OCEANSIDE CHORALE is an organization of men and women who perform concerts throughout the year under the auspices o the Oceanside Department of Community Activities.  Its membership consists of a cross section of residents from the New York metropolitan area.,

Members come from many professions, economic and ethnic backgrounds, all ages and religions.  The one thing all members have in common is a love of music and singing.  The Chorale has brought to the community many fine musical programs consisting of Broadway selections, popular music by such composers as Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, George Gerswhin and Andrew Lloyd Webber, folk music, opera choruses and excerpts from famous oratororios.

Meet our Director Ronald Morton and visit one of our rehearsals: request rehearsal invitation - click here


It's A Grand Night for Singing

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To arrange community performances: 516-764-2787

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