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Community Singing in Oceanside Long Island NY

Enjoy our seasonal concerts with your family from the audience...or join your voice with ours on the stage with the Oceanside Chorale!


Community Recognition & Awards    
he Oceanside Chorale, Oceanside NY

Community leaders and officials recognize that the performances of choral music performed by the Oceanside Community Chorale are part of the rich cultural heritage of American song.

Official awards and applause have been bestowed upon the chorus and certificates & recognition from every level of organization are received with pride and the satisfaction of having contributed positively to the musical and performing arts on Long Island.

 Long Island Singing Group - the Oceanside Chorale

"Your beautiful voices resonated throughout the hallways and brought happiness and joy to all who heard the members sing.  Many visitors and employees complimented the group and praised their singing voices and music."

Visit one of our rehearsals:
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 "The Oceanside Community Chorale is
part of the rich cultural heritage
of American song..."

Want to join your voice with ours
and keep the tradition alive and strong?

Call President Frank DeFontes:
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To arrange community performances: 516-764-2787

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