The Value of Words: Tips for Effective Web Sites

By Joyce Litwin Zimmerman
Joywriter Communications, Ltd.

Want to initiate a business Web site or increase the efficacy of your current site? You can accomplish this through the use of logically organized, thoughtful copy. For example, you may want to have separate links from your home page to sections on products or services, about us, testimonials and contact us

Utilize graphics to reflect a professional image. An experienced Web designer can develop an overall style, color scheme, font type and background design to be used on all pages of your site. Visuals alone, however, will not convert potential clients into customers. And don’t rely solely on flash and animation to convert visitors into buyers.

Instead, pair a well-constructed graphic backdrop with well-crafted words. Educate and enlighten your current clients about new offerings and turn “window shoppers” into buyers with informative copy.  

Express your value proposition: What is it that you offer your clients. How do you deliver your products or services? What is your industry experience? How do you do the job better than the competition? What do your customers say? 

Other helpful hints:

• Use bullets, lists, and white space and action verbs to make your material more readable.

• Avoid – or explain – industry jargon. 

• Include key words, those popularly searched phrases that your potential customers “Google” when they try to find you. Include different key words on each Web site page to increase your visibility on search engine listings. (Knowledgeable Web developers, such as Daniel O’Connor, can help you find these words and can also incorporate other search engine optimization tools to benefit your business.)   

• Update your site on a regular basis with new information, such as professionally written articles on industry trends.  

• Include links to related Web sites and news articles relating to your business.

• Develop or use your existing logo on your Web site pages. Then incorporate it and your Web site design on all promotional materials, business cards and stationery.  Include a tag line, a catchy phrase that describes what you do.

Joyce Litwin Zimmerman ( has extensive experience writing and optimizing Web sites for a variety of industries.

She also provides copy for brochures, newsletters, advertorials, articles and more.  She can be reached at 516-485-2152 or .

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