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Home Parties

Home Parties are designed to gather your friends for an informal afternoon or evening of fun learning how to organize your closets like a pro.  You will learn everything from Camie’s rules of purging to getting your closet looking like your favorite boutique.  Call today to learn more about hosting a home party.

Seminars/Speaking Engagements

Seminars and speaking engagements are tailored to a specific topic that best suits your organizing needs.  Please call for more information.

• office organization
• filing systems
• home organizing
• organizing and wellness

Professional Organizing Service in NY.  Living Space Organizing in NY for Busy People who want the efficiency & peace of mind of being organized.
Click Blond Profile Logo for Pro Organizing Services in NYC & Hamptons NY  by Camie Swinson: Ready 2 Organize.  Camie Swinson Organized Living Spaces in Manhattan for Busy People needing all aspects of organizing from NYC to the Hamptons.
Click for Testimonials about Organizing Homes NY & Office Organizing NYC & the Hamptons. Applause for Camie Swinson whose company Ready 2 Organize helps Busy People who want the peace of mind of being organized.
Click to Contact Ready 2 Organize NY for Organizing Services in NY: Home & Office Organizing NYC & Hamptons, Relocations NY including Estate downsizing & Assisted Living.  Home Parties for Organizing Products NY & Office Organizing Parties NYC & the Hamptons. Have fun getting organized in NY.

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